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"PIC" stands for "Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier". A synonym* is "CIC", which stands for "Carrier Identification Code". PIC codes (or CICs) are 7-digit prefixes that identify long distance carriers in North America and the Caribbean to the local exchange carrier (LEC), providing routing instructions for calls from each subscriber. Many subscribers want to use more than one long distance carrier, and they do this by manually entering the CIC before the number they want to dial. This forces the call onto that carrier, superseding the LEC's stored instructions. (NOTE: Not all interexchange (long distance) carriers are accessible to the general public in this way. For some, the subscriber must first contact the carrier and set up an account before the CIC will be enabled for his phone.) About this database The following utility allows you to look up any PIC code and find the carrier associated with it. Note that the first three digits of the PIC (101) are already entered for you, so you just enter the last four to do your search. You may also enter any of the other criteria shown to see a list of matching companies. A partial name string may be used in the Company field to find a company when the full name is not known, and a partial or full string in the ZIP/PC field will constrain a search to a limited geographic area. Note: If you enter a PIC number there is no need to use any other criteria: Your search will already produce only one result.

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Talk about cutthroat pricing! How does free sound? Try to beat that, competitors! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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Some people say our owner has gone completely nuts. There's a good chance this is true. Oh well, thousands of people have taken advantage of him since 1994, so you might as well cash in too.

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Countless hours of staff work have gone into collecting, analyzing and prequalifying all the services we offer you here, and now the boss is giving it all away. Milk it for all you can, he won't let us charge you now!

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